Glenora Preschool is a parent owned, parent operated cooperative. Classes are held in the Glenora Community League.

What is your preschool’s philosophy?

The Preschool aims to be a fun and happy place for your child. We want him or her to be comfortable here and we want you, the parents, to be comfortable with the school too. The primary focus of the preschool’s program is to develop strong socialization skills while utilizing a “learn through play” philosophy. We believe that children learn best by exploring all aspects of play in a safe, non-threatening environment. Children develop a desire to learn when they have a positive self-concept and are constantly encouraged and praised.

Because of the teacher/adult ratio (2 teachers and 1 parent volunteer for 15 children), the teachers are given an excellent opportunity to really get to know your child and what his or her needs are. The teachers are able to guide your child to an area of play that best suits his or her learning needs. The program is designed to balance physical and intellectual needs with your child’s social and emotional needs.

What does “parent run co-op” mean in practical terms?

As a parent run co-op preschool, all families are required to participate in the school at four levels:

  1. Help in the classroom every 5-7 weeks on your child’s “special day” by providing a healthy snack for 15 children, helping teachers and cleaning the classroom.
  2. Be responsible for a job that helps with the overall running of the preschool (e.g. doing laundry, contacting other parents to remind them of up-coming events, fundraising committee or board members, etc.)
  3. Help in two cleaning bees that we hold approximately every month. A group of about 5-6 parents go through and clean/disinfect all the toys, surfaces, puzzles, games etc. in the preschool classroom.
  4. Contribute to the fundraising activities – Glenora preschool holds one Pub Night every spring. Each family must purchase a minimum of four tickets for a total of $50.00.

How does the school define “toilet trained”?

All students must be daytime toilet trained before starting the program. A supervised bathroom break happens at a regular time each class and children can request to be taken to the bathroom whenever needed throughout the class. Although accidents do happen, if a child is experiencing recurring problems, parents will be asked to keep the child at home until they are demonstrating that they are toilet trained.

How do you deal with allergies during snack time?

It is our policy that all nuts and nut products are banned from the preschool. We have an allergy list posted in the classroom which ALL parents are made aware of.

What foods are prohibited snacks at the Glenora Preschool?

A list given to us by Social Services prohibits the following foods for daycares and preschools. These foods are considered choking hazards for children under the age of 4:

  • Jelly beans
  • Nuts
  • Hard candy and toffee/caramels
  • Gum
  • Gumdrops
  • Food on skewers or toothpicks

We promote healthy snacks to be provided by the duty parents for the preschool children.

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